GT3-8 wire straightening and cutting machine sold to Thailand

The tow sets GT3-8 wire straightening and cutting machines sold to Thailand used to straightening and cutting 3-8mm steel bar, this machine have high speed and can cut steel bars with a maximum length of 12m and our new high-speed wire straightening and cutting machines provide ease of operation and set-up and durability, less maintenance, and years of reliable service.

The high-production wire straightening and cutting machine is equipped with an innovative mechanical system and servo flying cutting system. RKM wire straightener and cutter are capable of max.120m/min, specially designed for big quantity production demand.

The Thai customer operates a steel processing factory and recently needed a batch of 12m long steel bars for building materials. In order to meet the production demand, the customer has high requirements for the speed of the machine. We recommended the GT3-8 straightening machine to the customer, fast and easy to operate. The customer was very satisfied and ordered two machines directly.

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