High speed wire straightening and cutting machine

RKM Machinery Factory is a wire processing manufacturer dedicated to developing high-speed, our new high-speed wire straightening and cutting machines provide ease of operation and set-up and durability, less maintenance, and years of reliable service.

The high-production wire straightening and cutting machine is equipped with an innovative mechanical system and servo flying cutting system. RKM wire straightener and cutter are capable of max.120m/min, specially designed for big quantity production demand.

High-speed straightening machine series models: GT2-3.5H, GT2.5-6G, GT3-8H, GT4-12, GT6-12H, etc.


GT2-3.5H steel bar cutting machine


GT2.5-6H wire straightening and cutting machine


GT3-8H wire cutting machine


GT6-12H rebar cutting machine

  Machine Specification:  

  Model   GT2-3.5H   GT2.5-6H   GT3-8H   GT6-12H
  Wire diameter   2-3.5 mm   2.5-6 mm   3-8 mm   6-12 wire rod
6-12 rebar
  Cut length   300-2500/3000mm   200-6000 mm   330-6000/12000 mm   280/600-1 2000 mm
  Cut error   ±1mm   ±1 mm   ±1 mm   ±5 mm
  Speed   60-80 m/min   90-120 m/min   120 m/min   70-130 m/min
  Straightening motor   4   4   15   37
  Cutting motor   —   2.6KW   3KW   7.5KW

  Advantages of wire straightening and cutting machine:  

1. All motors in the steel bar straightening and cutting machine are belt driven: no chains and no lubrication are required.
2. Supplied with hardened guide rods and clapper rods.
3. Hardened D-2 material for feed rollers, cut-off dies, and knives, strong and durable.
4. Wire guide assembly with lubrication box.
5. Use a servo motor for cutting.
6. Fully independent governor and feed roller speed adjustment to maximize straightness and running speed.


Large-capacity wire reel: can carry about 1-2T coils.


Straighten the Die: Adjustment allows for greater control and flexibility when working with high-strength materials.


The servo motor controls the cutter to cut the straightened raw materials, and the blanking rack can carry 2T steel bars

  Machine video :  

  Finished product:  

High-speed wire straightening and cutting machine used to straighten and cut galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, and other low-carbon wires.


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