Three ribbed cold rolling ribbed bar machine

The Three ribbed cold rolling ribbed steel bar machine is a kind of steel bar with three sides of a crescent shape formed by using hot-rolled wire rods through multiple passes of cold rolling to reduce the diameter and one pass to press the ribs and eliminate the internal stress. The diameter is generally 5 -12MM, commonly known as small thread, is mainly used for various cast-in-place plates, and its strength reaches Grade 3 steel standards. It is a deep-processed product of hot-rolled circular wire rods and an emerging high-efficiency construction steel.

  Main process process:  

The raw material is cold-plastically deformed by rolling, causing the internal grains of the raw material to be distorted, broken, and elongated. Through online heat treatment and temperature control, the distorted grains inside the raw material are recrystallized to form new, small, and uniform equiaxed grains, thereby improving product strength and toughness.

Pay-off stand–Inlet wire cage–Phosphorus removal machine to remove oxide scale–Lubricating machine–Diameter reducing machine (grinding raw material into oval shape)–Cold rolling rib press–Straightening machine–Flying shear–Blanking rack


 Specification of steel rebar making machine:  

  Model   LZ-20000T
  Inlet rod diameter   5-13.5mm
  Outlet rebar diameter   4-12mm
  Max. Rolling speed   max.180m/min
  Max. straightening&cutting speed   max.120m/min
  Motor capacity with inverter   75kw+75kw
  Mode of adjustment   speed Inverter
  Total weight   6.5T
  Installed length   26m

 Three ribbed cold rolling ribbed bar machine video:  


Cold rolling ribbed bar machines used to make cold-rolled rebar, and finally, form a reinforced bar with two sides or three sides crescent-shaped transverse ribs.


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