Wire mesh welding machine for reinforcing panel sold to Mexico

RONGKUAI welding machinery is the Gold manufacturers for a wire mesh welding machine for reinforcing panels in China! Our Pneumatic rebar mesh welding machine used a new type of pneumatic welding technology. The steel rebar mesh panel is the best building mesh used for Construction. This machine can weld 3-12mm steel rebar, making the reinforcing mesh width max up 3000mm and the welding speed max up 100 times/min, improving production.

Our Mexican customers have a big factory to making construction mesh because the machine is old, Productivity fails to keep up with market demands, so he wants to buy one set Pneumatic wire mesh welding machine to produce building mesh. he sees my youtube video about this machine, contact me and come to China to our factory, see this machine.

Youtube Video for steel rebar mesh welding machine:

To make the Construction mesh, why choose the pneumatic machine?

1. One welding transformer controls 4 welding electrodes, instead of 8. The welding electrodes can get even power from the welding transformer.
2. Each welding electrode is controlled by one SMC air cylinder. The pressure can be totally the same. So the welding points are even, the finished mesh is flattened.
3. Both the upper welding electrode base and lower welding electrode base are water cooling. It can reduce the temperature of the welding electrode.
4. One copper wire connects one welding electrode. (Single wire connection). The welding electrodes will not affect each other. The welding current will be only kept on the welding points.

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