Wire Mesh Cable Tray Welding Machine

Cable Tray Making Machine is to make cable ladder racks for wire and cable management. Wire Mesh Cable Tray Machine adopts pneumatic welding technology for high-capacity production. The cable ladder rack machine can make two mesh at the same time.
Wire Basket Tray Machine can be customized for many products manufacturing.

 Cable tray welding machine specification:  

 Model  DP-FP-1000A+
 Wire diameter  3-6mm
 Line wire space  50-300mm
 Allow two 25mm
 Crosswire space  Min.12.7mm
 Mesh width  250-1000mm
 Mesh length  Max.3m
 Air cylinder  10pcs for max.20 points
 Welding transformer  150kva*3pcs
 Welding speed  Max.120 times/min
 Wire feeding way  Pre-straightened&pre-cut
 Weight  4.2T
 Machine size  9.45*3.24*1.82m

 Cable tray mesh machine Video:  

 Machine features:  

Typical cable tray soldering wires include the following:

  • Line wire and cross wire pre-straightened and cut
  • line pay
  • Linear wire feeder
  • Welding portal
  • Crosshair feed
  • Mesh extraction/linear pull-out
  • Stack and flip grids
  • transportation
  • Cable tray bending machine: perform bending

 Accessory equipment:  

Cable tray bending machine:

The cable tray bending machine is used for bending and producing cable trays that are used in various kinds of factories and buildings.

  • Model: WF67K-125T-4000
  • Wire diameter: 3-6mm
  • Board length: 4000mm
  • Max. open height: 380mm
  • Main motor: 7.5KW
  • Board width: 180mm
  • Nominal force 1250KN
  • Slider distance: 120mm


Cable tray is widely used for professional industrial cable containment, wire and cable management.


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