Welding Machines for the Production of Reinforcement Mesh

Welding Machines for the Production of Reinforcement Mesh using pre-straightened and cut steel bars. The longitudinal wire is manually fed into the coil, and the horizontal wire is fed by the horizontal wire blanking system. The cylinder controls the welding head to weld the intersection point at the highest welding speed. Flexible welding Wire, used for welding 3-12mm steel bars, longitudinal wire mesh is adjustable, maximum output, can weld 250 cross wires per minute.

 Machine features:  

The steel bars are pre-straightened and cut by the straightening machine
Mesh welding machine for producing reinforced mesh using pre-cut steel wire.
Range from Ø 3 to Ø 12 mm.
The modular structure of this mesh welding equipment allows you to start with a lower investment and focus on shortening the setup time for processing mesh wire diameter and format changes. Driven by digital electric servo motor.

– Produces medium quantities of standard meshes
– High quality mesh panels
– Automatic wire feeding group that can be upgraded to cross wire and straight wire
– Internet remote assistance

 Reinforcing mesh welding machine specification:  

  Model   DP-GW-2500B   DP-GW-3000B
  Max.mesh width   2500mm   3000mm
  Line wire dia(Pre-cut)   3-12mm   4-12mm
  Cross wire dia(Pre-cut)   3-12mm   4-12mm
  Line wire space   100-300mm   100-300mm
  Cross wire space   50-300mm   50-300mm
  Max.mesh length   6m/12m   6m/12m
  Max. welding speed   80-100 times/min   80-100 times/min
  Welding electrodes   Max.24pcs   Max.30pcs
  Welding transformers   150kva*12pcs   150kva*15pcs
  Weight   10T   12T

 Welding machines for reinforcement mesh video:  

Our professional technicians go to the customer’s factory in Tajikistan to install and debug the machine, and train workshop workers on the operation for free to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

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