Welding machines for reinforcement mesh

RONGKUAI Welding machines for reinforcement mesh provide modern and innovative solutions for the mesh industry, ensuring high productivity, flexibility, and maximum safety.
The pneumatic Welding machines for reinforcement mesh introduce advanced European technology, and many components have invention patents. It is high-efficiency, highly durable, user-friendly design, safe and reliable.
Machine Video:

Machine features:
1. The pneumatic Welding machines for reinforcement mesh are suitable for wire diameters of 5-12mm. It is an automated equipment designed and produced by our company’s professional engineers. Both vertical and horizontal yarns are fed by pre-cut yarns, and the control system is controlled by PLC; the machine uses a servo motor to pull the screen plate repeatedly.
2. The pneumatic steel mesh welding machine adopts PLC touchscreen control technology and uses a Japanese cylinder to control the welding head. The touchscreen control panel can be input to adjust the mesh size, and the welding mesh will be smooth and firm.
3. Water-cooled transformer ensures firm welding for long periods and extends service life.
4. Wire feeding welding system Horizontal wire feeding: First, the steel bars are straightened and cut into a certain length through a straightening and cutting machine to become horizontal wires. Then workers need to put the weft wire into the feeding system, and the SMC cylinder controls the horizontal wire to automatically fall.
Longitudinal wire: Same as horizontal wire, first straighten and cut the steel bar with a straightening and cutting machine. Then the wire is fed manually, the wire feeding system automatically feeds the material, and the cylinder controls the welding head to weld and weld the first horizontal wire. The wire feeding system automatically returns, and workers feed the wire while welding, increasing production efficiency.
5. Welding system: This machine adopts synchronization and PLC control technology. Welding power comes from springs. At the same time, the welding electrode is equipped with a water cooling system to ensure long-term welding work and extend its service life.
6. The netting system adopts servo motor control to make the netting aperture more standard and accurate.
7. The material is suitable for low-carbon wire and galvanized wire. Ribbed steel bars, etc.
As a professional wire mesh welding machine manufacturer in China, RONGKUAI not only provides intelligent equipment but also provides technical support. We can provide technical and personnel support for equipment installation. The company provides a two-year warranty period and provides free accessories for equipment maintenance during the warranty period. It also provides product after-sales support and can provide technical guidance and maintenance suggestions online.