Welded wire mesh machine with a diameter of 3-6mm sold to Ukraine

Welded wire mesh machine with a diameter of 3-6mm, also called automatic welded mesh machine, welded wire mesh roll machine, roll mesh welding machine, coil mesh welding machine, use to make road mesh, reinforcing mesh, construction mesh, etc.

1.Technical Parameter:
Wire diameter: 3-6mm;
Welding speed: 80-100 times/min;
Cross wire space: Min.25mm;
Longitude wire space: 50-300mm;
Welding width: Max.2500mm;
Mesh length: Max.50m;
Cross wire feeding:
Longitude wire feeding: Automatically from coil;

2. Advantages:
Panasonic, Schneider, ABB, SMC, Igus electric components.
Touch screen interface.
Line wire feeding from the coil.
Crosswire pre-cut.
PLC control of cross wire space and welding current.
Panasonic servo technology for mesh pulling.
Water-cooling welding transformers.
Finished mesh in panel or rolls.

3. Application:
Finished welded roll mesh is widely used for construction mesh, protection mesh, or decoration mesh use.

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