Welded wire mesh machine sold to Mexico

High-speed welded wire mesh machine sold to Mexico used to make birdcage, and the welded wire mesh rolling machine often exported to India, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Yemen, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Thailand, Algeria, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, etc.

The Mexico customer has his factory, main product all kinds of birdcage, Due to the small size of the bird, the welding spacing of the iron wire is small, and the diameter of the welded iron wire is very small. This machine just meets the needs of the customer. When the welding spacing is very small, a row of welding heads will become crowded. Designed with two front and rear rows, this is the solution researched by our professional engineers.

The automatic welded wire mesh making machine produce the welded mesh, widely used screens, breeding nets, fence nets, garden nets, construction nets, storage nets, etc., and can also produce screen baskets, sieve plates, curved screens for mines, and filter screens and filter tubes for chemical, petroleum, and sewage treatment plants, etc.

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