Two ribbed steel rebar making machine sold to Bangladesh

Two ribbed steel rebar-making machines were sold to Bangladesh, This customer has his own factory, which produces and sells all kinds of steel. Currently, he needs a large number of two-rib or three-rib steel bars, so an email from the customer connects us closely. Rongkuai Factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of ribbed steel bar machines. We have more than 30 years of production experience and export to more than 20 countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Argentina, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, etc.

This Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line equipment is rolled coiled steel by cold rolling, cold rolling and then its surface to form two sides of a crescent reinforced by transverse ribs straightening, processed into a cast or prefabricated construction directly cold-rolled ribbed steel bars. This production line mainly rolls diameter of 4-12mm and an ordinary low carbon tray bar or low alloy tray bar with multiple cold rolling and a ribbing rolling, which finally forms reinforcing steel with two-side crescent shape ribs. The raw material is a hot-rolled low carbon wire rod tray bar. It’s widely applicable to the highway, airport, irrigation works, city planning, and construction engineering.

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