Three ribbed cold rolling ribbed bar machine sold to Mexico

1. Description:
Cold rolling ribbed bar machine, is also called cold rolling rebar making machine, cold-rolled ribbed bar machine, cold rolling ribbed steel reinforced bar machine.
This Cold-rolled ribbed steel bar production line is to roll the surface of the steel coil round bar to form three crescent sides.

2. Working Process:
Wire rod testing (raw material)–Spool off–Butt-welding–Sheller–Dry Lubrication–650 types Horizontal Wire Drawing Machine–150 type reducing rolling mill rib–Wire spool up machine–testing storage.

3. Technical Parameter:
1) Raw material: hot-rolled low carbon steel round bar.
2) Max inlet diameter: 13.5mm; Outlet wire diameter: 5-12mm.
Popular diameters:
Inlet 6.5mm, outlet 6mm; Inlet 8-9mm, outlet 8mm;
Inlet 10-11mm, outlet 10mm; Inlet 12-13mm, outlet 12mm.
3) Motor: 30kw+11kw.
4) Mode of adjustment: Speed inverter.
5) Take up spools: 1000KGS/bundle.
6) Total weight: 3.5T.
7) Installation length: 12m.

4. Advantages:
1) Compact structure, small footprint, Occupy less space, 40% increase in power output.
2) Advanced frequency inverter technology, can save 40-60% electricity, reduce power consumption 8-10 degrees per ton, the line speed of up to 90 meters,
improve production efficiency by more than 40%, better protection of output substation systems and electrical equipment is not damaged, can greatly extend the life of the machine.
3) Bilateral roller coated with carbide or wear-resistant materials.
4) Rolling Mill (1) Box with 45 # pure steel mill foundry, never cracking (other manufacturers use cast iron or ordinary steel easy to crack, be deformed.)

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