Syrian customer customized BRC mesh welding line

Syrian customer customized BRC mesh welding line used to produce reinforcing mesh, JIAKE Factory is a professional manufacturer of construction mesh welding machines in China! JIAKE engineers design and manufacture pneumatic-type wire mesh welding machines to improve production efficiency and output, the production line uses high The performance modular structure allows customers to start with a lower investment and gradually upgrade the modules later.

BRC mesh welding line
Straight and cross lines pre-straightened and cut
Wire diameters range from Ø 3 to Ø 12 mm.
Used for steel mesh, mine mesh and heavy-duty fences, it is easy to operate, requires low maintenance and consumes less electricity.
Typically, 1 operator can run the entire production line

– Production of standard building grids
– High quality mesh panels
– Customizable additional features, fully upgradeable
– Provide overseas installation and commissioning services

We are committed to creating high quality, customizable and cost-effective welding solutions for all our customers.

Machine Specification:

  Model   DP-GW-2500A
  Wire diameter   5-12mm
  Mesh width   Max.2500mm
  Longitude wire space   100-300mm
  Crosswire space   Min.50mm
  Mesh length   Max.12000mm
  Wire feeding way   Pre-straightened&pre-cut
  Welding speed   80-100 times/min
  Welding electrodes   Max.24pcs
  Welding transformers   150kva*12pcs
  Machine size   8.4*5.5*2.1m
  Weight   8.5T

Machine Video:

Listen to Customers:

“I went to Guangzhou, China to attend the 135th Canton Fair, and then came to Hebei to visit Fongkuai’s factory. I was looking for a 5-12mm steel mesh welding machine. In Fongkuai’s workshop, I saw the real machine, and the engineer ran the machine. In terms of welding speed and machine quality, Fongkuai is the best. Of course, I also visited several other factories, and cooperating with Fongkuai is my best choice!”

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