Fully automatic security razor wire fence mesh welding machine sold to South Africa

This is a new type of Security fence mesh welding machine. This machine can adjust the blade barbed wire to cut off, automatically place the warp and weft wire, and automatically weld and automatically cut the wire mesh. This is the biggest feature of this machine. It is fully automatic and saves labor costs.

This razor wire fence mesh welding machine is about to be exported to South Africa. My customer is a local wire mesh supplier. According to the market demand in South Africa, this kind of security fence is the most popular at the moment. It is not only beautiful but also has very high protection against climbing, is the most protective type of wire mesh.

Machine Specification:

Model DP-FP-3000C
Wire diameter 2.5-5mm
Mesh size Min. 75*75mm; Max. 150*150mm
Mesh width Max.3000mm
Mesh Length As your request
Welding electrode 42pcs
Electrodes material Copper pure
Welding transformer 120kva*5pcs
Welding speed 40-45times/min
Power supply 120-160KVA
Wire feeding way Manually
Machine size 8.4*3.2*1.6m
Weight 3500kg

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