Welding Machines for Security Fence and Industrial Mesh

Welded mesh fence machine produces flat wire mesh panels automatically with line wire and cross wire from pre-cut wires. Construction mesh can be used for a security fences, concrete reinforcing mesh; Industrial mesh applications are varied like warehouse shelf, exhibition frame, cable tray; domestic application includes a shopping cart, office basket, decoration mesh.

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3d Fence Panel Welding Machine


3d fence panel welding machine used to produce security fence, the machine is suitable for pre-straightening, cut-to-length, straight and cross lines, and produces 3d fence panels through the bending machine.

  • Pneumatic welding technology
  • Foreign brand electronic components, control welding quality
  • Precisely welded mesh, the mesh is flat and strong
  • High-precision servo carriage/car advances mesh during the welding process
  • Pull mesh system accurately receives the mesh

358 Anti-climb Fence Panel Welding Machine


RONGKUAI factory is the leader in the production and manufacturing of 358 anti-climb fence panel welding machines in China! Since 2019, about 120 sets have been exported to countries such as India and South Africa, and have been recognized by more customers.

  • Europe’s top welding technology
  • Cross-hatch welding system ensures smooth welding mesh
  • Automatic wire feeding trolley advances the line
  • The feeding system will automatically return during the welding process to be refilled by the operator! Welding speed doubled

Automatic Bending Fence Mesh Welding Machine


Automatic bending fence mesh welding machine mainly produces 3d security fence, fully automatic production line, saving human resources.

  • Wire diameter: 3-6mm
  • Mesh width: Max.2500mm
  • Welding speed: 50-70 times/min
  • Bending type: automatic

Razor Wire Fence Welding Machine


The razor wire fence welding machine used to produce security fence panels, can weld different hole sizes, be operated easily with a touch screen, and has a long service life. The machine uses famous foreign electronic components to ensure the quality of the machine and the high-quality output of the grid.

  • Straight lines and cross lines are automatically swung by the feeding system
  • Siemens PLC + Touchscreen, accurately set grid parameters
  • Can produce roll mesh and mesh sheets