Reverse twisted hexagonal wire mesh netting machine sold to South Africa

Two sets reverse twisted hexagonal wire mesh netting machines sold to South Africa used product hexagonal netting mesh, South Africa customer want to produce chicken cages, In order to ensure the production capacity of the factory, we purchased two hexagonal machines. When the machines arrive at the customer’s factory, we will send the machine installation videos and help the customer install the machine.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine can make 2-4 meshes on the same machine, speed up to max.100-400m/h. The hexagonal mesh machine is controlled by HMI and PLC. Hexagonal machine for chicken mesh can work automatically from wire feeding to finished mesh rolling up, one-worker operation, low manpower.

The hexagonal wire netting is mainly used as a building material, it can be used in reservoirs for closure, and also serves as highway guard rail netting, railway guard rail netting, green guard rail netting, sidehill mesh case, flood fighting mesh case, dike dam guard rail netting, zoo guard rail netting, mine tunnel supporting mesh, grassland mesh, etc.

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