Razor wire mesh welding machine

The fully automatic razor security wire mesh welding machine is a new type for a product security fence panel, Warp and weft automatically feed in, straighten and cut, and complete automatic wire swinging, welding, and cutting of the wire mesh. The entire production line saves human resources and increases output.


Machine Parameter

  Model   DP-FP-3000C
  Wire diameter   2.5-5mm
  Mesh size   Min. 75*75mm; Max. 150*150mm
  Mesh width   Max.3000mm
  Mesh Length   As your request
  Welding electrodes   42pcs
  Electrodes material   Copper pure
  Welding transformer   120kva*5pcs
  Welding speed   40-45times/min
  Power supply   120-160KVA
  Wire feeding way   Manually
  Machine size   8.4*3.2*1.6m
  Weight   3500kg

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Finished Product

Razor Safety Fence Panels can secure the perimeter of a medium-high to ultra-high safety fence. With anti-climbing properties, the small mouth is filled with razors, and it has strong corrosion resistance.