Poultry cage welding machine sold to Indonesia

RONGKUAI factory is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic-type poultry cage welding machines in China! This machine used European welding technology and foreign brand equipment and the welding speed max up 120times/min. It’s popular in Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Turkey, Uganda, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Model: DP-AW-1200H;

Wire diameter: 2-4mm;

Speed: Max. 128times/min;

Width: Max. 1200mm or 1500mm.

Crosswire space: Min. 20mm or smaller;

Longitude wire space: 50-200mm and two 25mm.

Cross wire feeding: Pre-straightened & pre-cut;

Longitude wire feeding: Automatically from coil;

Welding electrodes: 25pcs/31pcs;

Welding transformer: 85kva*3/4pcs;

Machine size: 5.4*2.4*1.8m;

Machine Weight: 2.5/2.8T.

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