Pneumatic clear view fence mesh welding machine

Our clear view fence mesh welding machine is designed to weld 3-6mm low carbon wire, mainly used to produce anti-climbing fences, with simple operation, low maintenance, and low power consumption. All machines come with a 1-year warranty and spare parts are available worldwide.

The pneumatic clear-view fence mesh welding machine is a new design machine by RKM professional engineers, using European welding technology and Foreign brand equipment. so the welding speed is up 120 times/min. The production efficiency is high, and the welding grid is flat and strong.

  Parameter of 358 fence mesh machine:  

  Model   DP-FP-3200A
  Wire diameter   2.5-6mm
  Longitude wire space   76.2-300mm
  Crosswire space   Min.12.7mm
  Mesh width/height   Max.3.2m
  Mesh length   Max.6m
  Welding speed   Maximum 120 times/minute
  Welding electrodes   44pcs
  Welding transformers   150kva*11pcs,
  Wire feeding way   Pre-straightened&pre-cut
  Overall Size   12*3.7*2.3m
  Weight   5300kg

  Video of clearvu fence machine:  

  Finished Product:  

Clear View Fence is a secure welded wire mesh fence barrier designed to provide maximum perimeter protection and excellent visibility with mesh. V-shaped bends in Clear View Fence panels create strength and rigidity.


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