Pneumatic chicken cage wire mesh welding machine sold to Indonesia

Pneumatic chicken cage wire mesh welding machine sold to Indonesia used to make chicken cage, We have two types of mesh welding machines, pneumatic and mechanical. Pneumatic welding wire mesh machine is the latest research and design of RONGKUAI engineers. the poultry cage welding machine used European Welding technology and foreign brand equipment, so the welding speed max up 120 times/min, It is faster and has higher output than mechanical wire mesh welding machine.

In recent years, in order to improve the nutritional level of Indonesian nationals, the Indonesian government has begun to vigorously develop animal husbandry and increase the supply of meat products to meet the needs of the Indonesian domestic market. Among them, the representative industry is chicken and duck breeding. At present, Indonesia has the second largest chicken production in Asia and the fourth largest in the world. At the same time, the number of duck breeding in Indonesia has also increased significantly, ranking in the world. Third, after China and Vietnam. The rise of the breeding industry has doubled the demand for chicken cages, driving the source of mechanical production.

The Indonesian client operates a large factory mainly used to produce animal cages. He is very pleased that the reason for the expansion of the factory is that the government encourages the development of the breeding industry, and the demand for chicken cages in the market is increasing, so he needs more Machines to produce animal cages.

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