Pneumatic 358 clear view fence welding machine sold to Malaysia

The Pneumatic 358 clear view fence welding machine was sold to Malaysia, The anti-climb fence machine has a European-designed air cylinder for max.120strokes capacity. 358 fence machine is controlled by HMI and servo motor precisely. The wire fence machine is designed with a single welding circuit and water-cooling technology for minimizing heat deformation. Line wires and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires for flat mesh panels.

Machine Parameter:

Model       DP-FP-3200A
Wire diameter           2.5-6mm
Longitude wire space                76.2-300mm
Crosswire space              Min.12.7mm
Mesh width/height             Max.3.2m
Mesh length              Max.6m
Welding speed              50-75 times/min
Welding electrodes           44pcs
Welding transformers      150kva*11pcs,
Wire feeding way            Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Overall Size                   12*3.7*2.3m
Weight         5300kg

Finished Production:
Anti-climb mesh purposes: mainly used in industrial, agricultural, prison, municipal, transportation, and other industries for fences, decoration, protection, and other facilities.

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