Pneumatic 3-8mm mesh welding machine sold to the USA

Pneumatic 3-8mm mesh welding machine sold to the USA, the customer is a steel manufacturer in the United States, mainly for the automation configuration of the machine, the customer’s wire diameter range is 4-6.8mm, the production length is 6m, and the width is 3 meters. The daily output of construction mesh is about 1000 tons. We have developed a set of solutions for this customer.

After communicating with the professional engineer in the factory, I think that a fully automatic pneumatic wire mesh welding machine 3-8mm is the best choice. Next, let’s listen to the engineer’s explanation, what are the high automation configurations of the 3-8mm mesh welding machine?

The first is the electric spool, which can store about 1 ton of steel wire and automatically feed the wire. It is straightened by the straightening wheel and stored in the stocker. The welding head is controlled by the double force cylinder. The welding grid speed is fast and firm, and the welding speed can reach 80-100times/min. The mesh machine automatically cuts a certain length of mesh, automatically catches the mesh, and outputs the mesh.

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