Automatic Weaving Machine for Fence Mesh

RONGKUAI factory designs and manufactures various wire mesh weaving machines. The security fences produced by these machines are mainly used for garden fences, private residential fences, animal husbandry and agricultural and forestry fences, etc.; construction mesh and manufacturing daily necessities, etc.; in addition, they can also be used for Flood control, mountain protection nets, etc.

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Chain Link Fence Mesh Weaving Machine


The chain link fence machines have three types: double-wire feeding type, single-wire feeding type, and double motor type. Fast speed, high output, customizable to meet customer needs.

  • The fastest compilation speed can reach 260㎡/h
  • The braiding mold is made of alloy and is not easy to wear
  • Use famous foreign brand electronic components (Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider, etc.)
  • The entire production line is easy to program and only requires one worker to operate it

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Netting Machine


RONGKUAI factory designs and manufactures hexagonal mesh machines and applies for appearance patents. The machine knits quickly and has fewer faults. hexagonal wire mesh is mainly used for chicken feeding, graze protection, industrial filtering, decoration usage, etc.

  • Fully automatic production line, easy to program
  • High efficiency, 80-220 m/h
  • One set machine can only make one mesh opening size
  • Raw material: Galvanized wire or PVC coated wire
  • The machine can weave 2-4 rolls of mesh at the same time

Expanded Metal Mesh Machine


RONGKUAI Factory designs and manufactures expanded metal mesh machines with more than 20+ years of experience, providing high-quality customized machines according to customer needs to meet different production requirements.

  • High-speed punching series TG10, 6.3T, 16T, 25T, 40T, 10T, 160T, and 260T
  • The punching die is made of alloy, which is not easy to wear and has a long service life.
  • Delta servo driver, Siemens PLC + touch screen control to ensure high-quality output of expanded steel mesh.
  • Raw material: Galvanized sheets/coils, stainless steel sheets/coils, aluminum sheets/coils, etc.

Hinge joint Fence Machine


The hinge joint fence machine used to produce grassland fences, The machine is simple to operate and only requires one worker to operate it.

  • Control box and grid counter, easy operation
  • Linear guiding for high-speed feeding
  • Schneider low-Voltage electrics
  • Adjustable frequency motor to save 30% of electricity
  • Wind up roller is easy to discharge

Barbed Wire Making Machine


The barbed wire-making machine produces barbed wire, widely used for safety protection functions. CS-A is a normal twisted barbed wire machine. CS-C is a double reverse twist barbed wire machine. CS-B is a single barbed wire-making machine.

  • Manually installation, easy to set up
  • Steel cover on the driving shaft for safety operation
  • Saving materials and high-capacity
  • Counter to count the number of barbs and calculate length of barbed wire

Concertina Razor Barbed Wire Making Machine


The concertina razor barbed wire-making machine is mainly of punch press and razor wire assembly machine. punching machine cuts steel tapes in different razor shapes with different molds. The coil machine is used to wrap the razor strip up onto the steel wire and wind up the finished products into rolls.

  • Automatically complete production line, operator friendly and higher speed
  • Automatic recoiler holding max.2tons steel sheet; its motor made of copper leads
  • Inverter control, speed max.350 strokes/min
  • Customized mold saving 20% raw materials; hot-cast mold, one year life.

Gabion Mesh Machine


The gabion mesh machine is to produce the gabion mesh for reinforcement stone box use. Corrosion prevention structures for instance, sea walls, river bank defenses, canal banks, dams, weirs, groins, and for the protection of reservoirs and lakesides.

  • High production, 840 square meters per hour
  • Mitsubishi PLC and HMI touchscreen control panel
  • Schneider and Siemens Electronics
  • Welding crossbeam for stronger construction