Medium carbon steel rebar wire drawing machine

Medium carbon steel rebar wire drawing machine can draw steel bars. Use part of the steel wire rod as raw material and reduce its diameter as needed. It is the initial machine, indispensable for processing steel wire and metal mesh in different applications. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about buying and stocking large amounts of black or galvanized wire in different diameters. By owning this machine, you simply purchase the wire in its original condition and can reduce its diameter for various uses. Whether you sell wire of different diameters or manufacture various types of mesh, our wire drawing machines are indispensable for handling all possible diameters.

How does the steel rebar wire drawing machine work?


1. Calamine stripper: removes calamine from wire.
When the rod is in its original state, it contains a thin but significant layer of iron, a product of its thermal production process.
The machine then removes the calamine, making the drawing process smooth and efficient.
2. Wire sharpener:
It is used to sharpen the tip of a round wire to obtain a pointed shape.
The purpose of the first step is to facilitate the wire into the wire drawing machine, as it uses some wire drawing cones, and if the wire already has the shape of these cones, the wire drawing machine’s work will be easier and smoother.
We describe in detail how the drawing steps are performed.
Due to its conical shape, the wire can be easily loaded into the drawing die and the reduction in diameter is smooth.
3. Wire drawing machine: :
It is the largest and most dominant machine in the entire system. It is responsible for receiving the sharpened wire and gradually reducing its diameter.
We show a simple diagram of the wire drawing machine workflow.
The wire (sharpened with machine 2) enters the first drawing die, is pulled and directed to the next drawing step until the desired final diameter is obtained, and is rewound as drawn wire.
4. Marking machine: can mark the drawn wire.
When making steel rods or welded mesh for concrete reinforcement, it is important to apply drawing to the drawn wire.
5. PLC: Controls the electrical system of the wire drawing machine and can change the speed and pulling force of the wire drawing machine.
It is important to carefully protect the PLC from the working environment and have a box designed for comfortable use.
6. Wire Welding Machine: Allows two rolls (or coils) of drawing wire to be joined together by a spot welding machine to fuse their lengths and provide coils of any weight.

 Parameter of wire drawing machine line :  

  Model   LZ-560
  Raw material   SAE1015, SAE1008, SAE1006 etc.
  Number of blocks   Max.12
  Inlet Wire diameter   8mm, 6.5mm, 6mm, 5.5mm etc
  Outlet wire diameter   4mm, 3mm, 2.2mm, 2mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.4mm etc
  Each motor capacity   22KW
  Drawing speed   Max.20m/second
  Each pot weight   1500KG

 Youtube video of  wire drawing machine:  

 Finished product:  

The wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing low carbon wire to small wire diameter, also can produce round wire to ribbed wire.