Low carbon wire drawing machine price

The price of a straight-in wire drawing machine is determined by many factors, such as customizing modules and adding other high-performance equipment based on the type of raw materials and wire diameter, wire outlet diameter and other requirements. The straight-in wire drawing machine is a piece of equipment widely used in metal processing. It is mainly used to draw metal blanks into linear products.


The accumulation block is usually installed on the first block of the wire drawing machine and is used when there is wire to prepare the wire or to prevent wire from getting tangled into the pay-off machine when stopping the wire.
Tungsten carbide wear strips are used on wire drawing machine pulleys, rollers and capstans and are particularly suitable for low carbon, stainless steel and mechanically removed steel wires with a hardness of 1,488 HV.
Chromium oxide anti-wear tape is used on wire drawing machine winches and is particularly suitable for low carbon, stainless steel and mechanical descaling lines with a hardness of 2,500 HV.
A special block of high quality wire is collected directly from the last block of the wire drawing machine.
Special block with straightening device: controls the casting and spiraling of the wire at the end of the drawing machine before collecting the wire on the winding machine or coiler.
The specific production of rolling boxes can use rolling boxes or micro boxes designed and patented by RONGKUAI instead of molds to minimize the specific cost of drawing tools per ton of wire and maximize production efficiency.

 Parameter of wire drawing machine line :  

  Model   LZ-560
  Raw material   SAE1015, SAE1008, SAE1006 etc.
  Number of blocks   Max.12
  Inlet Wire diameter   8mm, 6.5mm, 6mm, 5.5mm etc
  Outlet wire diameter   4mm, 3mm, 2.2mm, 2mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.4mm etc
  Each motor capacity   22KW
  Drawing speed   Max.20m/second
  Each pot weight   1500KG

 Youtube video of  wire drawing machine:  

 Finished product:  

The wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing low carbon wire to small wire diameter, also can produce round wire to ribbed wire.