How to make the chain-link fence?

How to make the chain-link fence? Many people want to know how the spiral fence we see in the playground or garden is woven. The grid is beautiful and strong, and we will discuss this interesting issue together.

Step1: Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire and other raw materials are required

You can go to market research to understand your customers’ demand for chain link fence raw materials, whether they need black wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, or PVC coated wire, and then determine which raw material to buy.

Step 2: You need a chain link fence making machine

There are three types of diamond mesh machines we produce semi-automatic, fully automatic single-filament type, and fully-automatic double-filament type. With the development of technology and customers’ demand for high production volume, semi-automatic chain link fence machines have now been eliminated, and then the fully automatic fence net machines popular with customers have entered the global market.

Both single-wire and double-wire chain link fence machines are fully automatic machines, and only one worker is required to complete the operation.

The monofilament chain link fence production line includes three parts: a braiding machine, a seaming machine, and an automatic net rolling machine. The wire feeding method is a single wire, which is cross-wound through a spiral mold to form a diamond-shaped net. The seaming machine is used to align the wire. There are three ways to lock the edge of the mesh: Knuckled and twisted, or knuckle, or twisted. The automatic winding machine is used to roll the chain link fence into a roll for easy handling. The working principle of the double wire chain link fence machine is the same as that of the single wire type.

The difference between these two machines:

Single-filament type: single wire feeding method, weaving speed is 70-80m²/h; double-filament type: wire feeding method is two wires, weaving speed 120-180m²/h. High output and fast speed. Those who have high requirements for machine output will choose a double wire chain link fence machine.

Please see the video for the specific working principle:

Chain link fence machines are often exported to Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil, and other South American countries and Algeria, Kenya, Ukraine, Uganda, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other countries.

Finally, we discuss the issues that cause everyone’s concerns?

What should I do if the customer will not install or debug the machine after receiving it?

When the machine is ready, we will install it in the factory, record every installation detail and stitch it into a video, and send it to the customer. We will debug the machine in advance according to the customer’s needs, and run the machine until the specifications of the chain link fence produced meet the customer’s needs, record the video, and send it to the customer. After the machine is shipped to the customer’s factory, it only needs to be placed and installed. If there is any problem with the machine, our technicians will provide online guidance 24 hours a day.

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