How to make security clear view fences in South Africa?

How to make security clear view fences in South Africa? This is a very hot topic in Africa, the demand for safety anti-climb fence is very high in the African market, because the mesh is very small, preventing thieves from climbing or destroying the mesh with any tools, so this kind of safety fence is very popular, are often used as guardrails for private residences, military sites, high-speed protection, and important crop protection.

Due to the high demand in the market, it has attracted the attention of many wire mesh manufacturers who began to import anti-climb fence welding machines from China to produce 358 fences. South African customers are most concerned about the output of the machine. In order to meet the needs of customers, our technology has also been continuously improved, incorporating the European top welding technology – the cylinder. The welding speed is accelerated, making the mesh welding firm and flat.

How to make clear view fences in South Africa?

Step 1: First use a straightening machine to pre-straighten and cut a certain length of steel wire (the length depends on the length of the wire and the width of the wire).
Step 2: Manually insert the line wire into the bell mouth, put the cross wire into the funnel device, and spread it evenly.
The third step: Pneumatic machine, the cylinder drives the welding head for welding, and the welding speed can reach 150times/min at the fastest.
Step 4: During the welding process, the net pulling trolley controlled by the servo motor pulls the net at a constant speed.
Step 5: The net pulling trolley pulls the welded mesh to the blanking frame, and the mesh automatically falls to the ground.

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