High-speed wire straightening and cutting machine sold to Ukraine

The five sets of High-speed wire straightening and cutting machines sold to Ukraine, Used to modulate and cut galvanized wire.
The Ukraine customer has a big factory professional production the 3D fence panel, he has five sets 3d fence panel welding machine, The previously purchased straightening machine is too slow, often breaks down, and the speed cannot keep up with the work efficiency of the production line, So the customer bought five telling straightening machines, which are easy to operate and fast. Only one staff member is required to operate the machine. The customer is very satisfied with the efficiency of the machine.

Machine Parameter:

Model                                  GZ2.5-6                                               GZ3-8
Wire diameter                    2.5-6 mm                      Cold rolled round bar/ ribbed bar 3-8mm.
Hot-rolled round bar                                    5-8mm.
Hot rolled ribbed bar                                   5-6mm.
Cut length                       500-6000 mm                                   700-6000 mm
Cut error                              ±1mm                                                ±1 mm
Speed                            90-120 m/min                                 Max.120 m/min
Straightening motor                           7.5 kW Frequency
adjust motor                                                13 kW
Cutting motor                                 1.5 kW, servo motor 1.5kw
Overall                        9×0.6×1.2m                                         15×0.8×1.1m
Weight                          2500Kgs                                              3500 Kgs

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