High-speed straight line wire drawing machine sold to Colombia

This LZ SERIES STRAIGHT LINE WIRE DRAWING MACHINE is also called a Straight line wire drawing machine, is widely used in high carbon steel wire (SAE1060, SAE1072, SAE1072, SAW1080, SAE1082) or middle carbon steel wire production, such as spring wires, MIG welding wire, CO2 welding wire(ER70S-6, SG-2), SS wire, SAW welding wire, core wire, bead wire, PC wire, bearing wire, wire rope, etc.

Drawing machine capstan diameter and number are confirmed according to wire material, wire inlet diameter, and outlet diameter.

Wire drawing machine capstan diameter range: Φ300mm, Φ350mm, Φ400mm, Φ450mm, Φ500mm, Φ560mm, Φ600mm, Φ700mm, Φ800mm, Φ900mm, Φ1000mm, Φ1200mm, etc.

Transmission: by gearbox or by belt
Drawing die: pressure die or rotating die
Die cooling system: direct cooling
Capstan cooling: water-cooling and fan cooling
Capstan and T.C. coated part Hardness: HRC 62
Take-up: by spooler or by coiler or by wire collector
Wire straightening device before take-up: optional
Control system: PROFIBUS system with touch screen input and PLC control
A.C. Drive Brand: ABB

All the machine has been tested before delivery and packed into wooden cases suitable for long-distance transportation.

Manufacturer technical engineers will be sent to the final user’s factory for machine installation, commissioning work, and machine operation training to user operators.

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