High Speed Steel Bar Straightening Machine

The high speed steel bar straightening machine can straighten and cut smooth or ribbed off-coil wires at speeds up to 120m per minute. The straightening line adopts a modular design, and high-performance modules can be upgraded according to customer budget. The entire production line can be run by one operator.
The raw material of the wire can be galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and other low-carbon wire. It is driven by a series of feed wheels through the double rotator assembly, and the parameters are set in the Siemens PLC + touch screen, and cut to a certain length in high-speed flying shears. The cutting system is designed for smooth cuts at maximum operating speed.

Rebar straightening machine features:

1. Electric/pneumatic pay-off frame, which can bear a maximum load of 1 ton of wire.
2. Siemens PLC + touch screen, precise parameter setting with small error.
3. The straightening die is made of alloy and is not easy to wear.
4. Optimized, language-neutral operator guidance.
5. The blanking rack is 1-12m long and varies according to customer customization.

Steel bar straightening machine specification:

  Model   GT2-3.5H   GT2.5-6H   GT3-8H   GT6-12H
  Wire diameter   2-3.5 mm   2.5-6 mm   3-8 mm   6-12 wire rod
6-12 rebar
  Cut length   300-2500/3000mm   200-6000 mm   330-6000/12000 mm   280/600-1 2000 mm
  Cut error   ±1mm   ±1 mm   ±1 mm   ±5 mm
  Speed   60-80 m/min   90-120 m/min   120 m/min   70-130 m/min
  Straightening motor   4   4   15   37
  Cutting motor   —   2.6KW   3KW   7.5KW

Rebar straightening & cutting:


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