High-speed pneumatic chicken layer cage welding machine manufacturer

China only factory manufacturer for production High-speed pneumatic chicken layer cage welding machine, used to making chicken cage panel. Pneumatic poultry cage welding machine DP-AW-1500F is used to weld cage mesh for poultry cages. F model machine used the latest technology. It equips SMC 50 multi-force air cylinder controlling welding electrodes which is the advanced technology of 2-4mm wire mesh welding machine.

The steel wire mesh welding machine adopts power electronic synchronous control technology, and the welding time and sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits, with high control accuracy, stable performance, firm solder joints, and no burn marks. The welding speed is fast, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. Equipped with an edge trimmer, it can precisely and quickly cut off excess wire on the edge, and can be moved to any position. The stretched screen adopts an elastic pull rod and a grid positioning device, which makes it easy to fine-tune the grid, with high grid size accuracy, and the welding wire aperture can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range.

Chicken cage making mesh machine advantages:

1, We use copperplate to connect lower electrodes and welding transformers, high efficiency.
2. pneumatic welding, controlled by SMC(Japan) air cylinders. Welding speed up to max.150times/min.
3. Panasonic(Japan) servo motor control pulling mesh, Pull the net accurately.
4. The cable drag chain protects electric wires and pipes, not easily hung down.
5. Cast water-cooling transformers.

Wire mesh panel application:

1. Fence net, floor pouring top net;
2. Construction nets (Suleshes board nets, geothermal nets, seedbed nets, flower room nets).
3. Breeding nets (chicken cage nets, rabbit cages, fox cages, etc.).

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