High-speed CNC automatic construction mesh welding machine sold to Mexico

High-speed CNC automatic construction mesh welding machines sold to Mexico, Mexican customers are looking for 5-12mm steel bar wire mesh welding machines, as China’s advanced supplier of pneumatic mesh welding machines, it is our service to provide customers with the best solution.

The pneumatic BRC mesh welding machine adopts European welding technology and uses the cylinder to control the welding head to weld the mesh, which not only improves the welding speed but also ensures the welding quality, making the mesh firm and smooth. As a new generation of mesh welding machines, compared with mechanical steel mesh welding machines, although the price difference is relatively large, the production volume is much higher than that of mechanical machines.

The Indonesian customer requires high production volume, because he needs to provide steel mesh sheets for many suppliers, and requires quality while pursuing output, so he chose a pneumatic steel mesh welding machine and a 5-12mm steel bar straightening machine, the perfect solution makes the customer very satisfied.

JIAKE factory is committed to providing customers with the best solutions, if you need to know more about steel mesh welding machines, please contact us!

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