High-speed clearvu fence welding machine sold to South Africa

High-speed clearvu fence welding machine sold to South Africa, The clear view fence making machine also called anti-climb fence machine used to produce the 358 fences, This wire mesh panel is highly protective and, thanks to the small welded mesh, prevents climbing and tool cutting of the panel.
As early as 2019, this anti-climbing wire mesh panel was very popular in South Africa, and customers had extremely high requirements for the production volume of the machine. After the engineers’ disdainful efforts, we were prompted to change from the first generation of mechanical mesh welding machines to the second. The second-generation new pneumatic anti-crawling welding machine provides customers with the best solution.

Why do customers choose to buy a pneumatic mesh welding machine?

1. Compared with the mechanical mesh welding machine, the pneumatic mesh welding machine adopts European welding technology and famous foreign electronic brand equipment, which improves the quality of the machine itself, has fewer failures, is easy to operate, and saves labor costs.
2. The main reason is that the welding speed is fast. The pneumatic mesh welding machine uses a cylinder to control the welding head for welding. The cylinder pressure is the same, and the welding grid is firm and flat.
3. The net pulling trolley is also controlled by a micro cylinder, the net pulling is stable and the counting is precise.

Youtube Video of anti-climb fence machine:

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