GT 3-8mm steel rebar wire cutting machine sold to Ukraine

GT 3-8mm steel rebar wire cutting machine sold to Ukraine used to straighten and cut 3-8mm rebar, and finally welded into meshes of different specifications by a rebar mesh welding machine. The maximum speed of this high-speed straightening and cutting machine can reach 120times/min. In order to ensure the supply of steel bars, the customer ordered two steel wire-cutting machines.

In order to ensure the quality of the machine, after the machine is done, our engineers will install and debug the machine in the factory, how to install the steel bar cutting machine, how to wire the electrical cabinet, how to debug the wire cutting machine and how the machine works, and finally cut Whether the length of the rebar is correct or not, we will record a video and send it to the customer to ensure that the machine is transported to the customer’s factory, and the customer can install and run the machine.

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