Fully automatic welded wire mesh machine sold to India

Fully automatic welded wire mesh machine also called welded roll mesh machine, electric welded mesh machine, electric mesh welding line.

Machine Parameter:

Model     DP-DNW-2

Wire diameter     1.6-3.5mm

Mesh hole size     When wiring 1.6-2.5mm, Min. The longitude size is 25mm, Min. The weft size is 25mm; When wiring 2.5-3.5mm, Min. The longitude size is 30mm, Min. The weft size is 25mm, can be 50*50mm, 100*100mm; Within the above wire diameter range, mesh size can be adjustable freely.

Mesh width    Max.2m

Welding electrodes     82pcs

Welding speed     Max. 80-120 rows/min

Welding Transformer     70kva*7

Measurement     3.5T

Machine Advantages:

1. The raw material is suitable for low-carbon steel wire (black wire) and galvanized wire.

2. Both the longitude wire and cross wire are fed from wire coils automatically.

3. The middle cutter and sider cutters can be adjusted randomly to make two mesh rolls at the same time.

4. The mesh roll length can be set by a counter switch on the control panel.

5. The welding time and welding current can be adjusted on the control panel to adjust the welding degree.

6. This welded wire mesh machine uses the best quality main motor &reducer, it will be equipped with an Inverter and world-famous brand electronic component.

7. The line wire space and cross wire space can be adjusted.

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