Fully automatic cyclone mesh machine sold to Colombia

Full automatic cyclone mesh machine, also called chain link fence machine, diamond mesh machine, spiral mesh machine.

RONGKUAI factory has two types machine of chain link fence machines: sing type and double type, the single wire diamond mesh machine is cheap and weaving speed of 70-80m²/h, often exported to India and Africa. Countries that have high requirements for machine output, such as South America and Southeast Asian countries, will choose double wire chain link fence machines.

Machine Parameter:

Model     DP-25-80
Wire diameter     2-4mm
Mesh size     25-100mm
Mesh width     0.5-4m
Speed     120-180m²/h
Mesh length     30m, adjustable freely as your request
Machine     size 6.7*1.43*1.8m
Weight     4200kg

Machine Advantages:

1.automatic chain link fence making machine working stable and smoothly;

2.When the wire runs out or the machine breaks down, the machine alarm device will remind the worker and stop working automatically

3.we have compacting rollers and normal rollers for the automatic chain link fence machine.

4.Three type mesh side: Knuckled and twisted, both knuckled, both twisted.

Galvanized wire, steel stainless wire, PVC coated wire, etc low carbon wire is the main material for chain link fence production. Besides low carbon wire, the client needs to prepare the soap water to lubricate the mold and wires.

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