expanded metal sheet machine in Saudi Arabia for sales

Expanded metal sheet machine in Saudi Arabia for sales, the finished expanded metal mesh is mainly used in building wall decoration, road safety mesh, stairs steps, isolation mesh, air ventilation mesh, oil filtering mesh, hardware protection, micro-battery, filter, sound barrier, storage blue, office supplies, light industry, electrical appliances, etc. In other fields, its use is very extensive.

Expanded metal mesh is very popular in Saudi Arabia, Because expanded metal is made from a solid sheet of metal, it can never unravel. The metal strands forming the open diamonds permit light, heat, air, liquids, and sound to pass through – yet present a virtually impenetrable barrier to intruders. For the hot climate of Saudi Arabia, it is the best building material.

According to the thickness of the raw material and the length of the mesh opening, different types of machines can be selected, 6.3T, 16T, 25T, 40T, 100T, 160T, 250T can withstand 0.1-8mm thick stainless steel plate, galvanized plate and other raw materials, if the raw material is In roll form, it also needs to be equipped with an uncoiler to unwind the raw material before punching. There are also flatteners in the production line to flatten the diamond mesh.

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