Expanded metal mesh production line sold to Saudi Arabia

Hebei Rongkuai factory is a professional manufacturer of the fully automatic expanded metal mesh production line in China! The expanded metal mesh making machine is a heavy-duty steel mesh punching and shearing machine. The machine can punch metal thickness max.10mm. This machine can produce a mesh width maximum of 3.2 meters. The expanded metal-making machine uses some new technologies such as fully automatic lubrication and CNC step motor or servo motor feeding. After debugging, the machine is working smoothly, easy to operate, and running safely. The structure of the machine is reasonable, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, energy saving.

Machine Parameter:

Model                              DP25-16T  DP25-25T  DP25-40T   DP25-100T   DP25-160T            DP25-260T

Material                        Aluminum plate, iron plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel plate

Material Thickness(mm) 0.1-1       0.1-1.5       0.1-2.5        0.5-5             0.5-8                       0.5-10

Material Max.width(mm) 1000       1250          1500           2000/2500     2000/2500/3200     2000/2500

Speed(times/min)            220         200           110              60                  50                           45

Motor(KW)                        5.5          5.5            11               18.5/22           30                           55

Weight(T)                          2.2          3               7                 13/15             18/20/26                  29

Finished Product:

The finished expanded metal mesh is mainly used in building wall decoration, road safety mesh, stairs steps, isolation mesh, air ventilation mesh, oil filtering mesh, hardware protection, micro-battery, filter, sound barrier, storage blue, office supplies, light industry, electrical appliances, etc. In other fields, its use is very extensive.

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