Continuous dry wire drawing machine


The features of a Continuous dry wire drawing machine include:

Continuous production: capable of continuous wire drawing processing, improving production efficiency, and reducing production costs.

High precision: Through precise control systems and optimized process flows, high-precision wire processing can be achieved to ensure product quality.

Versatility: It can be applied to wire processing of different materials and cross-sectional shapes, and has strong versatility and flexibility.

Integrated design: The whole machine adopts an integrated design, with a compact structure, small footprint, and easy operation.

High degree of automation: Equipped with an advanced automation control system, it is easy to operate and can realize intelligent production.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Use advanced refrigeration and lubrication systems to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

Through the above characteristics, the straight-in wire drawing machine can meet the needs of the metal wire processing field, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and have high market competitiveness.

 Parameter of wire drawing machine line :  

  Model   LZ-560
  Raw material   SAE1015, SAE1008, SAE1006 etc.
  Number of blocks   Max.12
  Inlet Wire diameter   8mm, 6.5mm, 6mm, 5.5mm etc
  Outlet wire diameter   4mm, 3mm, 2.2mm, 2mm, 1.8mm, 1.6mm, 1.4mm etc
  Each motor capacity   22KW
  Drawing speed   Max.20m/second
  Each pot weight   1500KG

 Youtube video of  wire drawing machine:  

 Finished product:  

The wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing low carbon wire to small wire diameter, also can produce round wire to ribbed wire.