concrete steel mesh production line

The concrete steel mesh production line is a kind of automatic welding equipment for steel mesh. Automatic feeding of wire pre-cutting, automatic feeding of horizontal wire storage, automatic netting, palletizing alignment, and packaging.
Compared with ordinary wire mesh welding equipment, the fully automatic wire mesh forming production line uses automatic feeding instead of manual feeding and automatically turns, grabs, and packs materials instead of manual lifting, placement, and bundling, saving labor costs and improving production. efficiency. Productivity.
Machine features:
Production customization network
Improve cost-effectiveness and reduce staffing requirements
no clippings
Factory design flexibility
A compact structure takes up little space
Maintenance costs controllable
Easy to operate and good EDP network
Other components can be upgraded at any time
The netting is controlled by a servo motor, which automatically circulates and pulls the net accurately.
concrete steel mesh application:
The wire mesh welding machine automatically welds longitudinal and transverse steel bars into a mesh structure. The bonding and anchoring between the steel mesh and the concrete are good, which improves the seismic performance of the reinforced concrete structure. The steel mesh produced by the steel mesh welding machine has been widely used in bridges, water conservancy, highways, airports, subways, tunnels, etc. Application of steel mesh welding machine
The mesh steel bars produced by wire mesh welding machines have a very wide range of applications. It can process large-diameter steel bars and is used to process steel mesh for pouring concrete. Such as building floors, walls, bridges, concrete pavements, concrete prefabricated parts, mountain slope protection, and other projects. Fine mesh steel mesh can be used as guardrails in aquaculture, residential areas, football fields, and other places. Advantages of mesh steel structure
The steel mesh is made of welded longitudinal and transverse steel bars, also known as welded steel mesh and ribbed steel mesh. Special welding procedures are used for steel bar welding to automatically control production. Therefore, the mesh of welded steel mesh is uniform and the welding quality is good. And there is almost no change in the mechanical properties of the steel before and after welding. Because the mesh is welded together using longitudinal and transverse steel bars, its load-bearing capacity is enhanced. The load is evenly distributed, significantly improving the vibration resistance of reinforced concrete. The spacing of steel bars can be controlled to save the amount of steel bars.


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