Cold ribbed bar making machine sold to Brazil

Cold ribbed bar making machine sold to Brazil used to make the two-ribbed steel bar, High-quality rebar for local builders, Provide local builders with high-quality steel bars, so customers have very high requirements on the output of the machine.

The steel rebar production line mainly includes a pay-off rack (can carry 2T rebar coils), wire feed cage (to prevent the rebar from entanglement and enter the rust remover smoothly), rust remover (to remove rust on the surface of rebar), lubricator (internally installed wire drawing) powder, can be recycled under the barrel), reducer (press the steel bar into an oval shape), main rolling mill (with a ribbed die, form two-ribbed steel bar, the maximum speed is 180m/min), straightening machine (responsible for steel bar straightening) , Servo flying shear (the maximum shear speed is 120m/min), and the blanking frame (can carry 1-12mm two-ribbed steel bars).

In addition, we also have a three-rib steel bar making machine, but the current market conditions, cold-rolled two-rib steel bar making machine is more popular, often sold together with steel mesh welding machines, exporting countries are Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, etc.

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