CNC type wire drawing machine for sale

CNC-type wire drawing machines for sale are often exported to Mexico, Russia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, the United States, Brazil, Thailand, and many other countries. Straight-forward wire drawing machines are designed for low, medium, and high carbon, stainless steel or zinc and zinc alloy wire.

  Wire Drawing Machine features:  

The machine has a modular structure, combined with blocks and does not require any special foundation.
Higher productivity due to higher drawing speeds, twist-free operation and better cooling.
The operation is simple and the threading speed is faster.
High-pressure water cooling in narrow gaps, efficient cooling of wires.

 Finished product:  

The wire drawing machine is suitable for drawing low carbon wire to small wire diameter, also can produce round wire to ribbed wire.



Q: Classification of wire drawing machine? What is the difference?

A: We have different models of dry wire drawing machines and wet drawing machines.
Please confirm the input diameter, output diameter, and application of the drawn wire.
Then, I can advise you better.

Q: Why can your factory become a gold manufacturer of steel wire drawing machines?

A: Since 1999, we have been engaged in the design and manufacture of machines, With a global reputation, most customers are satisfied with our machine quality and introduced more customers to us.

Q: What kind of steel wire can the wire drawing machine draw?

A: Generally, it is low-carbon iron wire or medium-carbon wire.

Q: What equipment is included in a complete wire drawing production line? How many workers are needed?

A: Upload pay-off, descaler, drawing block, trunk take-up machine, Head pointer, Butt welder.

Q: Which countries have high-speed wire drawing machines been exported to?

A: Till now, our mesh welding machine has been sold to more than 150 countries and regions including Russia,  Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Algeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Uganda, UAE, Iran, KZ, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Peru.