Chicken wire mesh welding machine sold to Malaysia

The fully automatic chicken wire mesh welding machine is sold to Malaysia, Chicken cage making machine is used to produce wire mesh panels of a certain size, and then assembled into a cage with a nail gun.

How does the chicken cage mesh welding machine work?

1. The line wires feed on coil wire, and cross wires should be pre-straightened and pre-cut.
2. The cross wires are fed from the multi hopper device and feed cross wires automatically.
3. This machine adopts a PLC control system & touch screen input, a servo motor for pulling mesh, and the mesh size is accurate.
4. It can set the length of the mesh panel and cut the mesh automatically.

What is the difference between a pneumatic mesh welding machine and an ordinary poultry mesh welding machine?

1. The pneumatic mesh welding machine is controlled by the cylinder to weld the welding head, and the welding speed reaches 130 times/min. The welding is firm and the mesh is flat.
2. The net pulling trolley is controlled by a tiny cylinder, and the net pulling is precise and stable.
3. Equipped with automatic trimming machine, which is movable and adjustable in speed.
4. Automatically catch the net, no need to manually lift the net.

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