Barbed Wire Fence Making Machine

RONGKUAI Factory is a professional manufacturer of barbed wire-making machines in China! Using our barbed machine, you can make three types of model barbed wire with high speed and low price.

We can provide three types of models, a normal twisted barbed wire machine, a single twisted barbed machine, and a double reverse twist barbed fence machine, Raw material: galvanized wire, PVC coated wire, etc.

This machine is easy to operate, only one staff is required to operate it.

  Barbed wire making machine specification:  

  CS-A   CS-B   CS-C
  Motor   2.2kw   2.2kw   2.2kw
  Drive speed   402r/min   355r/min   355r/min
  Core Wire   1.5-3.0mm   2.2-3.0mm   1.5-3.0mm
  Barbed wire   1.5-3.0mm   1.8-2.2mm   1.5-3.0mm
  Barbed space   75mm-153mm   75mm-153mm   75mm-153mm
  Twisted number   3-5   7
  Production   70kg/h, 20m/min   40kg/h, 17m/min   40kg/h, 16.5m/min
  Weight   1000kg   900kg   900kg
  Dimension   1950*950*1300mm   3100*1000*1150mm   3100*1000*1150mm

  Machine video:  


Barbed wire is used for protection use, in playground fences, livestock feeding or national border, in national defense, agriculture, animal husbandry, expressway, etc.


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