Automatic welding machine for 2D fence panel sold to Malaysia

Automatic welding machine for 2D fence panel sold to Malaysia, The production line for 2D&3D fence has two types: mechanical and pneumatic, The pneumatic type production line for 2&3D fence have high welding speed max up 100 times/min.
Due to the recent surge in demand for 2D fence panels, orders in the factory have followed one after another, resulting in the current output not meeting the production requirements, even if the machine continues to work for 24 hours. Therefore, the customer must purchase a new machine to ensure production efficiency.
Machine Parameter:

Model DP-FP-1200A DP-FP-2500A DP-FP-3000A
Welding width Max.1200mm Max.2500mm Max.3000mm
Wire diameter 3-6mm
Longitude wire space 50-300mm
Crosswire space Min.25mm/Min.12.7mm
Mesh length Max.6000mm
Welding speed 50-75 times/min
Wire feeding way Pre-straightened&pre-cut
Welding electrodes Max.25pcs Max.48pcs Max.61pcs
Welding transformers 125kva*3pcs 125kva*6pcs 125kva*8pcs
Machine size 4.9*2.1*1.6m 4.9*3.4*1.6m 4.9*3.9*1.6m
Weight 2T 4T 4.5T

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