Automatic welded wire mesh machine for sale to Russia

Automatic welded wire mesh machine for sale to Russia, How to install the electrically welded mesh machine?

Welded wire mesh machine, also called Welded roll mesh machine, Electric welded mesh machine, Electric mesh welding line, is used to make construction mesh, wall mesh, animal cage, mining, etc.

Installation Steps:
1. Wire connection in the control box.
2. Power supply connection.
3. Longitude wire feeding.
4. Cross wire feeding.
4.1 Crosswire length adjustment.
5. Crosswire space adjustment.
6. Change straightening springs.
7. Add oil.
8. Put magnetic.
9. Middle cutter adjustment.
10. Side cutter adjustment.
11. Welding current adjustment.
12. Welding transformer adjustment.
13. Roll cutting.
14. Roll mesh discharge.
Tips: Please be careful when machine installation.

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