Automatic welded roll mesh welding machine in Brazil for sales

Automatic welded roll mesh welding machine in Brazil for sales, the welded wire mesh machine product the wire mesh widely used for security, storage, safety, guarding and protection, reinforcement, poultry, and so on.

This is the fourth machine customized by a Brazil customer. Previously, it has purchased a 160T steel mesh machine, a 5-12mm steel mesh welding machine, and a ribbed steel bar machine. Customers rely on and trust us very much, and the recognition of the quality of the machines makes us very happy.

All our mesh welding machines are of high quality, have fewer failures, and save labor costs, which is what our customers say about us. The most praiseworthy place for customers is our after-sales service, which solves many customer problems in a timely manner, which is one of the reasons why customers choose us.

Advantages of welding mesh machine:
1. Welded roll mesh welding machine feeds both lines and crosses wire from coils automatically.
2. Automatic mesh welding machine pulls mesh with rubber pole and servo motor controlled.
3. Crosswire feeding is controlled by servo motor precisely.
Finished mesh can be rolled automatically.
4. PLC and HMI control the whole welded wire mesh machine line, low manpower.

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