Automatic production line for expanded mesh sold to Saudi Arabia

Automatic production line for expanded mesh sold to Saudi Arabia used making expanded sheet panel. According to the thickness of the customer’s raw material and the size of the punching hole, we can provide 6.3T, 16T, 25T, 40T, 100T, 160T, 260T different types of machines, and the expanded metal mesh machine is often exported to India, Mexico, Argentina, UAE, Morocco, Colombia, South Africa, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, etc.


1. Expanded metal mesh line adopts PLC program and text screen, easy to operate.
2. Raw material can be galvanized steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, etc.
3. The machine can produce different types of the expanded metal mesh by different cutters.
4. Expanded mesh machine adopts step motor to control steel plate feeding, more accurate.
5. The finished mesh is in rolls or flattened panels.
6. Pneumatic brake device.
7. The machine is widely used in construction, hardware, fence, window and door, protection, etc.

Typical application of expanded metal mesh:  

Expand metal application is very broad: Fencing for the garden, back yard, residential and industrial facilities, Floor treads, stairs, transport vehicles, construction machinery, cranes, mining, bakery, and food industry, Production in the electrical industry protective mesh, batteries, grounding plates, which include heating protection, masks, electric water heaters, etc.

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