Automatic machine for cyclone mesh sold to Argentina

Automatic machine for cyclone mesh sold to Argentina used to make chain link fence, The Argentine customer is a local chain link fence seller. Previously, the customers imported chain link fences directly from China. Due to the epidemic, importing chain link fences seems to be a very long process, so the customer planned to buy two chain fence machines. And buy raw materials locally to start production of chain link fence.

The double-wire chain link fence machine is used to produce diamond mesh and a weaving speed max of 180m/h, Raw material is Galvanized wire, PVC coated wire and stainless wire, etc. Chain link fence is extensively used for fences in playgrounds, residences, power stations, airports, mining spots, etc.

The chain-link fence weaving machine is often exported to India, Mexico, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.

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