Automatic grassland field fence machine sold to Kenya

Automatic grassland field fence machines sold to Kenya are used to make grassland fences, The livestock industry in Kenya is very developed. The vast grasslands and countless cattle and sheep have greatly increased the demand for grassland net fences. The grassland net plays a very important role in preventing grassland desertification and protecting the grassland environment. At the same time, the grassland net is also suitable for farming and animal husbandry self-employed to set up family farms, farmland, forest nurseries, closing mountains for afforestation, tourism areas, hunting areas, isolation, and maintenance of building sites, etc.

Kazakhstan customer is the largest local supplier of grassland net, in order to improve the production progress, the customer customized two hinge joint fence machines, The customer’s friend has been living in China, so he asks his friend to visit the factory to enhance the customer’s trust in us. There will be follow-up cooperation.

The grassland fence machine is often exported to Kenya India, Samoa, Sri Lanka, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia, etc.

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