Automatic construction mesh welding machine sold to Turkmenistan

RONGKUAI factory is a professional manufacturer of automatic construction mesh welding machine in China! The mesh welding machine used European welding technology and foreign brand equipment, and the welding speed max up 100times/min.

3-8mm Fabricate concrete reinforce welded mesh panels welding machine

1.Wire diameter: 3-8mm
2.Mesh hole size: 100*100-250*250mm
3.Mesh width: max.2500mm
4.Mesh length: max.6000mm/12000mm

Wire feeding way:

● Longitude wires are fed from wire pay-off (bear 1T) automatically, then through the first straight setting roller device. The wire storage device can feed the longitude wires step by step, then through a second straight setting roller device.

● Crosswires should be pre-straightened&pre-cut, then the workers put the cross wires on the cross wire storage device, which can bear a maximum of 1T wires. Then the stacker can rotate and transport cross wires into the hopper device continually. The cross wire falling is controlled by step motor, precise.

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